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Why choose the Retail Automotive Industry?

The automotive industry influences everyone, from delivering goods on time to commuters travelling to work and emergency services being able to respond to a crisis, the motor industry helps to keep the country moving.

Did you know? 

  • The Retail Automotive Industry covers every role from a vehicle leaving the production line to the moment it gets scrapped
  • There are 150+ job roles available in the Retail Automotive Industry
  • Industry subsectors: body repair, fast fit, motorcycle, light vehicle, heavy vehicle, leasing & renting, mobile and specialist
  • Workplaces include: office, workshops, reception, parts department, showroom and mobile
  • Over 570,000 people are employed in the UK Retail Automotive Industry
  • Salaries range from around £6k per year as an Apprentice to over £100k per year+ as a Dealer Principal

Free teaching resources, lesson plans, competitions and toolkits

Download our free Key Stage 3 & 4 curriculum linked resources, all with an automotive theme, to inspire and educate your learners on the opportunities within this exciting and diverse industry.


  • View and download FREE resources

    Key Stage 2

    Primary School activities 

    • Competition: Design a vehicle for the future – DOWNLOAD
    • Poster: Design a vehicle for the future – DOWNLOAD 
    • #MotorCareers Resources Flyer – DOWNLOAD 
    • #MotorCareers Job Finder Spider – DOWNLOAD
    • ‘I want to be a….’ – VIDEO
    • Top Trump Job Cards – DOWNLOAD

    Key Stage 3 & 4

    Lesson Plans


    • Business Enterprise competition: Pack – DOWNLOAD
    • Business & Enterprise Competition: Registration Form – DOWNLOAD
    • Business & Enterprise Competition: Teacher Overview – DOWNLOAD
    • Business & Enterprise Competition: Lesson Plan – DOWNLOAD
    • Business & Enterprise Competition: Teacher Presentation – DOWNLOAD
    • Business & Enterprise Competition: Student Planner – DOWNLOAD
    • Business & Enterprise Competition: Poster – DOWNLOAD

    Work Experience Guides

    • Work Experience Guide: Organiser Guide – DOWNLOAD
    • Work Experience Guide: Student Guide – DOWNLOAD
    • Work Experience Guide: Employer Guide – DOWNLOAD

    Employability Toolkits

    • Employability Skills Toolkit: Teacher Guide – DOWNLOAD
    • Employability Skills Toolkit: Student Guide – DOWNLOAD

    Apprenticeship Guide


    • Parent Guide: DOWNLOAD
    • Apprenticeships, Jobs & Brands: PDF of employer web links – DOWNLOAD

    Teaching Resources and activities

    Literature, Posters and Leaflets

    • #MotorCareers Resources Flyer – DOWNLOAD 
    • #MotorCareers Job Finder Spider – DOWNLOAD
    • #MotorCareers Poster 1 – DOWNLOAD 
    • #MotorCareers Poster 2 – DOWNLOAD 
    • #MotorCareers Poster for Body Shop Career Pathways – DOWNLOAD
    • #MotorCareers Poster for Office & Management Career Pathways – DOWNLOAD
    • #MotorCareers Poster for Parts & Sales Career Pathways – DOWNLOAD
    • #MotorCareers Poster for Technical Career Pathways – DOWNLOAD 
    • Top Trump Job Cards – DOWNLOAD

    Request Form

    • Careers Fair/Event Request Attendance Form – DOWNLOAD

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How our resources support you to embed CEIAG into your school?

We are an impartial careers service offering CEIAG on jobs within the retail automotive industry to schools, colleges and those considering a career in the industry. We are very excited to be awarded the MATRIX standard of CEIAG for the second time running and received great feedback on our resources, social media activity and links with supporters and the industry. See how we are measured against CEIAG below.


  • GATSBY Standard

    Benchmark 2 – Learning from career and labour market information

    • Supplying Career Labour Market Information

    Benchmark 3 – Addressing the needs of each pupil

    • Information and advice on all the options for your students when they leave school including College courses and Apprenticeships

    Benchmark 4 – Linking curriculum learning to careers

    • Embed curriculum linked teaching resources mapped to the curriculum with an Automotive Industry theme

    Benchmark 5 – Encounters with employers and employees

    • Linking employers to you at Career Fair events by supplying us with your invitation requests

    Benchmark 6 – Experiences of workplaces

    • Making Work Experience easier by supplying you with our easy to use WEX Toolkits for the Organiser, Student and Employer including preparation work, workbooks during the placement and feedback/reflection activities

    The IMI Careers Team have successfully been reaccredited with the MATIX Standard of impartial Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance for the second time running.


    Support within the Personal, Behavioural, Development and Welfare section including:

    • Leadership and Management – CIAG and Curriculum
    • Personal, Behavioural, Development and Welfare – Informed choices
    • 16-19 study programme – Improving CIAG, Progressions and Next Steps
    • Judgement – meaningful work experience placements

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