Parents with School Leavers

Is your child in Year 11? Have they just finished school and have they got their next steps planned? It can be difficult knowing if your child stay at school to study, should they go to college [...]


GCSE Results Day is here!

So you’ve finished your exams, you have your results and you’re not sure about your next steps yet….first things first ‘do you want to stay on at school?’ If it’s a no then ask yourself ‘do you [...]


Interviewing In The Post COVID Era

Fantastic news – you have secured an interview – What now!? Depending how the organisation works will depend how you get invited to attend interview, you may be invited through an agency or [...]


#NCW2019 Day 3

On day 3 of #NCW2019 it’s all about…Apprenticeship Standards! Why choose an apprenticeship standard? So you’ve heard about he new apprenticeship standards but what impact will [...]


Sytner Group

Graduates and Apprentices At Sytner Group, we are committed to building future talent and are looking for high calibre candidates for our Apprentice, Trainee and Graduate programmes. We work in [...]



Are you confused by what to wear for an interview? What do office dress codes really mean? Remember your outfit needs to make a great first impression as, rightly or wrongly, what you wear for [...]