In this article: The interview process can be a stressful experience, but it needn’t be, Calibre Group’s Managing Director Sabina Hegarty gives her 10 tips for success

You’re CV was spot on, you’ve completed any tests that were needed and now you’re sitting in the waiting room ready to wow your potential employer. This could be the most nerve-wracking part of the job hunt, but you’ve done your preparation and are ready. Well, we hope you have, but just in case, here are ten tips that will help you nail the interview.

1. Arrive a little early

No one will be impressed if you’re late – unless there are really good reasons – so make sure you turn up a little early and sign in with reception.

2. Be prepared

You’ve probably already done your research on the company you’re interviewing with, but make sure it’s at the front of your mind and easily recallable.

3. Dress professionally

Dress appropriately. A car retailer will expect you to wear full business attire unless told otherwise. If smart casual is requested, this can be a minefield, interpreted differently depending on the person. If in doubt, men can wear a suit or trousers and shirt without a tie, while ladies have more options. Shoes should always be professional and not casual sandals or sports shoes.

4. Get your questions ready

Have sensible questions ready in a notebook or a neat piece of paper. It’s always good to ask something, not doing it could show a lack of interest.

5. Money talk

Don’t ask about salary, you should already know the answer having been through the previous stages. No one should be at this point without knowing how much you’ll earn.

6. Room to progress

If you want to know about career progression, ask about future opportunities, it’s in everyone’s interests to understand how the role may develop and what your expectations are..

7. Show willing

Be interested in the business and ask how it is to work there, what the team is like you will work with and let them know if you are really interested in the company and the role.

8. Explain why you’re an asset

Make sure you let the employer know what you will bring to the party not just what you want from them.

9. Show you can and want to grow

When asked if you have any weaknesses or areas of improvement, don’t say no!  Think about this before you go and be prepared with an honest answer. There is no harm in showing them that you know where you need to improve.

10. Be honest

Be authentic, honest and sincere, employers have a knack for knowing if you’re making it up.

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