Inspiring and supporting your learners to make well informed decisions about their future and assisting you to embed Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance into your school FREE of charge.

This challenge supports young people to start to think about their next steps after school and embeds careers education into the curriculum alongside being mapped to the Scottish curriculum for excellence.

Pupils are asked to undertake 5x key tasks including researching, reimagining, planning and pitching before then looking at the potential career options available using what have just learnt. Based around a sustainability and mobility focus which asks teams to invent a new form of public shared transport to support Scottish mobility.

The challenge also supports pupils in their soft and employability skills by using teamwork, communication and reasoning throughout.

This competition is kindly sponsored by the SMTA.

Primary schools’ challenge transforming-transport-mobility-in-scotland-schools-challenge-primary

Secondary schools’ challenge transforming-transport-mobility-in-scotland-schools-challenge-secondary


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