The summer is always a stressful time when you’re expecting your exam results. The weight of expectation can be incredible. Add to that the decisions that need to be made about what you do next and it’s unsurprising that many people are unsure where they should turn.

But no matter what your exam results, the automotive sector could be the destination that accelerates your career.

Whether you enjoy meeting different people, working ‘hands on’ with the latest technology, or want to enjoy the buzz of a sector that is always changing, the automotive industry can cater for you.

There are a huge number of roles available – 213 at last count – meaning that there’s a job for everyone no matter what their interests. It’s all here, light vehicles, motorcycles, parts, leasing and renting, heavy vehicles, accident repair, there are almost limitless options.

So what could you do in automotive? Here are just five options…

1 Motorsport Technician

Specialising in maintaining and repairing motor sport vehicles such as cars and motorbikes. Motorsport Technicians will often find themselves in a racing environment and are expected to be at the forefront of the track, ready to work on any unexpected problems during the race, or carry out quick checks between laps.

2 Dealer Principle

Responsible for ensuring the efficient running of the whole organisation. They may be involved with planning, and motivating and co-ordinating the company’s management through leadership.

You will complete evaluation performance reviews and develop short- and long-term goals with each department manager, developing and maintaining business plans annually to enhance the company’s performance, creating and maintaining good working relationships with lending institutes and manufacturer personnel.

You would also be expected to oversee advertising programmes and merchandising strategies for the dealership, focus on customer complaints that department managers are unable to rectify and taking the necessary action to resolve these complaints, maintaining an enthusiastic outlook to build positive employee attitudes and morale within the dealership.

3 Marketing Manager

Marketing plays an important role in almost every industry and Marketing Managers for the automotive industry focus on ensuring that the customers’ needs are met whilst maximising the profits of the organisation.

You will be Monitoring and analysing market trends, studying competitors’ products and services, exploring ways of improving existing products and services, focusing on increasing profitability by preparing and managing marketing plans and budgets, presenting findings and suggestions to company directors or other senior managers, supporting and managing the marketing team and attending trade shows, conferences and sales meetings.

4 Motorcycle Service Technician

In this role you would maintain and repair all types and sizes of motorbike, in a motorcycle dealership. Trained in all areas of motorcycle mechanics and electronics, from engine and exhaust systems to security features.

Duties will commonly include:

  • Servicing vehicles – carrying out maintenance checks according to the manufacturers’ guidelines
  • Repairing and replacing faulty parts and components
  • Advising customers on necessary repairs
  • Producing time and cost estimates
  • Maintaining repair and service records

5 Sales Executive

Responsible for selling new and used vehicles from cars and motorcycles to vans and commercials trucks. In larger organisations you will work as part of a team or specialise in one aspect of selling however in smaller organisations you may be responsible for all aspects of vehicle sales.

Duties may vary depending on the type and size of the organisation, but they will commonly include:

  • Greeting customers, discussing their needs and advising them on the most suitable vehicle
  • Arranging test drives
  • Negotiating sale and trade-in prices
  • Working out finance arrangements and packages, which may include organising registration plates, road tax and delivery of vehicles
  • Highlighting any additional products relevant to the customer
  • Processing orders and completing relevant paperwork, which may include carrying out stock checks using manufacturers’ databases
  • Updating customers on the progress of orders and contacting potential customers to update them about new vehicles and deals
  • Updating stock lists
  • Managing advertising and updating the website
  • Keeping the forecourt and vehicles clean and tidy
  • Providing potential customers with relevant literature and information
  • Inspecting vehicles pre- and post- sale
  • Attending auctions

With so many options it could be difficult to narrow down which is the right fit, that’s why the IMI’s Autocity gives you the chance to explore the different job roles, making it easier to come to a decision.

The automotive industry influences everyone, from delivering goods on time to commuters travelling to work and emergency services being able to respond to a crisis, the sector keeps the country moving.

To find your dream job in the motor industry head to IMI Autocity

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