If you would like to support us in inspiring the future of the Automotive sector then we have the support and resources available to help you do this in your local school or youth group.  



Careers presentation

This short 10 minute careers presentation covers the essential information for school aged pupils to start the understand the opportunities and possibilities within the sector.  It signposts to our Careers website www.autoticty.org.uk for further information and next steps for them in their careers paths.  At the end of the presentation there is space to include your own ‘career journey’ story.  To fully engage with this group this section needs to be led with storytelling, they will need to see how and why you do the job that you do and why, above all other options, you chose this path and why it could suit them.  They need to be able to ‘see it to be it’.



Careers literature

Downloadable options are linked below.  If you would like some hard copies please contact us on careers@theimi.org.uk please note these are limited.

Careers leaflet motorcareers-leaflet

Teachers leaflet motorcareers-teachers-leaflet


Careers films

Our future is exciting…be part of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cgv4QxUYArc&t=22s

Vimeo channel with Apprentices talking about their job roles https://vimeo.com/showcase/5812004

VR 360* see inside #MotorCareers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZxXpT-iTus



If you would like to run an activity session to embed careers education into your careers talk then we have a number of options for you depending on the time you have with the pupils.

Half day session – this session comes with a lesson plan and activity pack to showcase the rage of job options on offer including marketing, sales, research, design, all with a focus on sustainability and environmental impact as they design and launch a vehicle for 2030. The free downloadable activity pack also develops future employability and soft skills such as communication, teamwork, innovation, and problem solving.

Hour session – these are hour long lesson plans and activity packs to support the #ClassOfCovid with their key workplace skills and soft skills.  They cover budgeting, finances, team work and communication.

Short half hour session – these are shorter tasks and activities based around well known games


Extra support 

Schools follow the Gatsby Benchmarks for Good Careers Guidance so if you can link your session to one of the following the school will really benefit alongside the pupils.

BENCHMARK 4 – linking curriculum learning to careers by showcasing what school subjects you use in your working life and what options would benefit those wanting to join the sector

BENCHMARK 5 – encounters with employers by speaking in schools, attending the careers fairs or offering mock interview with pupils

BENCHMARK 6 – experience of workplaces by offering work experience placements so that pupils can see, touch and fell a real life working environment.  We have made this easier by supplying you with work experience tool-kits for organisers, pupils and employers



Education outreach training, resources and support  

Support training to run a meaningful, educational, engaging and impactful careers session in schools will shortly be offered free of charge.  The sessions consist of 3x bitesize learning opportunities that can be virtual with a  experienced Education Outreach Officer or viewed ‘on demand’ at your own convince.  Please register your interest for these sessions, resource toolkits, impact measures and support via careers@theIMI.org.uk 



If there is anything else we can do to support you please get in touch with the careers team on careers@theimi.org.uk

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