Challenging Stereotypes


In this session we will explore the gender stereotypes associated with some career choices, how to overcome these and what different individuals can make to equality.

Learning Outcomes

Pupils will understand the theme of international women’s day 2022, the opportunity to identify the barriers faced by different genders, understand how they can impact #BreakTheBias through personalised pledges and challenge gender stereotypes though real-life case studies.

Resources required:

Time required: 60 mins


Time Activity Resource
10 mins Introduce IWD2022 and the theme of #BreakTheBias
15 mins Independent reading of the case studies and encourage to make notes or highlight sections.  Allow for some reflection time. Case studies x3: Ben Eaton, Jordan Salt & Cat Treanor
30mins Teacher to lead a discussion with the supplied questions to discuss the differences between how each person was treated, why this happened, how they felt and what action they will take to challenge and #BreakTheBias Questions in lesson plan
5mins Option for an Additional Activity:Pupils print and pledge how they will impact #IWD2022


Lesson plan: iwd2022-lesson-plan-challenging-stereotypes

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