As the IMI Skills Competitions 2021 final draws near we wanted to introduce you to these 6 individuals who have been nominated, taken an online test, scored highly enough to sit an online exam and made it through to be the top 6 in the UK for Body Repair!  This rising starts of future taken will compete in 6 tasks over 2 days at Cardiff and vale College in just two weeks’ time.


Sion Lewis – Sion is studying Level 3 in automotive refinishing. He was nominated by his tutor from Cardiff and Vale College, he will be on home soil so we know he won’t get lost at the final. Sion currently works for RGM Body Repairs who have been in the industry for over 40 years so we hope they have passed on some great knowledge they have picked up with experience

So far he thinks the completion has been enjoyable and looks forward to winning. When asked what his motivation was for getting into refinishing he said ‘I found out I was good at it’ It’s good to have a talent to get you into the top 6 in the UK isn’t it!

Stephen Halsall – Stephen is studying multi-skilled accident repair apprenticeship at The Blackpool and Fylde College, he also currently works for The Vella Group too. Stephen said he joined the industry as her has a passion for cars and anything motor related.

Stephen added to his previous comments saying “I also believe the accident repair industry has great growth potential over the next few decades” and we at the IMI couldn’t agree more! If we are able to play Jamie Webster weekend in paradise for him to walk into the final to then we will! Good luck Stephen.

Ryan Lowrey – Ryan is studying a Level 3 in accident repair at The Blackpool and Fylde College. Ryan also works for the Vella Group who seem to be doing a great job of supporting their apprentice’s education.

When we asked Ryan how he got into the industry he told us “I found body work really interesting and this was a complete different career change for me as I previously did agriculture”. He also told us he thinks the competition has been great so far and is really looking forward to getting the chance to do the practical tasks. Were glad you changed career path Ryan, see you at the Final!

Tom Venn – Tom is a car sprayer studying at the Cardiff and Vale College so her will be competing on home soil. Let’s see it gives him an advantage being in home comforts!  Tom is currently working for Ford Thorne who are the main ford dealers in South Wales, they expect the highest level of professionalism and knowledge from their staff and Tom is proving to be setting a great standard coming in the top 6 in the competition so far. Tom says his motivation is his family, I’m sure they are very proud you have made it to the final!

Dominic Duance – Dominic is a refinishing student at Cardiff and Vale College. He is working for NSW accident repair centre, a family run business that are backed by years of experience that we are sure will have been passed on to help him do well in the final.

Dominic go into his career because his dad is a painter and he is following in the family footsteps.  So far he has found the competition very good so far. He is looking forward to Painting at the final. And we look forward to seeing him paint after he walks out to his Bond theme tune!

Callum Roberts – Callum has just completed his level 3 in automotive refinishing at Cardiff and Vale College so this will be his last chance to compete in the competition. He is currently working for the Sinclair group who represent some of the most prestigious brands in automotive meaning he gets to work on some great Cars.

Callum says “the competition has been great so far, I look forward to coming first” that’s fight talk we like the confidence. He got into the industry because he loves cars and has told us his theme tune would be Tina turner – simply the best, what a classic!

IMI Skills Competitions 2022
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