As the IMI Skills Competitions 2021 final draws near we wanted to introduce you to these 6 individuals who have been nominated, taken an online test, scored highly enough to sit an online exam and made it through to be the top 6 in the UK for heavy vehicle technology!  This rising starts of future taken will compete in 6 tasks over 2 days at Cardiff and vale College in under two weeks’ time.

Andrew Hill – Andrew is Studying a Level 3 in Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Bristol College and is looking forward to taking part and attempting to win the competition, (eyes on the prize Andrew!)

Andrew has always been a hands on type of person. His love for working on heavy vehicles came from working with his uncle through his youth, before getting a job at DAF. He says ‘in my eyes no job offers the same satisfaction I get from repairing broken down Vehicles.

When asked how he feels about the competition so far he told us, ‘I feel lucky to have got this far, it’s been challenging but I am overjoyed to have a place in the final’ and we are overjoyed you made it this far we look forward to you walking into the final to your theme tune; Truck and roll – Marty Mone


Dan Parker – Dan Parker is also studying a level 3 in Heavy vehicle maintenance in Bristol. He currently works for Adams Morey and has trained with DAF. When asked why he chose HV as a career Dan said ‘ I love to fix things and this job gave me the opportunity to show my ability to do this and prove myself as a very valuable worker and big asset for my company

Dan’s Employer Lee Warry Told us they take in 10-15 apprentices a year they invest in their own by training them from the ground up. “Dan is and exception to rule, he stood out form crowd. We have had others enter the competition but have never got this far. He deserves everything, he lives, eats and breaths trucks.”

Through the pandemic Adams Morey kept a steady pace and this helps to see who was a dedicated worker. Dan was one of them doing his college work online and then calling to come back in early he was one of the first they bought back. They ended by telling us “ We hope by following through with the competition it will give him a big confidence boost and stop him putting so much pressure on himself!

Good Luck to Dan!


Abhaydeep singh Gulati – Abhaydeep is currently working for Ford and Slater whilst also studying in with Bristol college. He has found the competition good so far and has been offered some extra training which we have seen on LinkedIn #Famous!

Abhaydeep told us “I’m a hands on type of person and I don’t like to sit in one spot all day, i’m also a technical person so i thought that the automotive industry is was the best option for me.”  To get to the top 6 in the country we know it was the best option he also told us he is looking forward to winning. So we will see what you can do at the final!


Daniel Buckingham – Dan, who previously has won Daf Technician of the year is experienced in competitions. Another city of Bristol student, he currently works for Chassis-Cab. He Knew this was the right career for him as he enjoys being practical and doesn’t like to sit in a classroom or office all day. He would have like the more practical style competition but due to restrictions we couldn’t deliver on that wish although he didn’t need it to get into the top 6!

Dan’s employer describes Dan as focused, he likes to do a good job and do it correctly. He’s always willing to learn new things, takes things on board and wants to succeed.  Even though dan was furloughed after a few slow weeks he was still eager to learn and came back in as soon as it was safe to do so.

Hes got the work ethic lets see how it pays off at the final!


Jignesh khimani – Jignesh is Studying Level 3 Heavy vehicle Maintenance at City of Bristol college who nominated him . he said the competition is intriguing and is looking forward to the competition against others in the industry.

Jignesh is employed with HTC park Royal and chose to work in the HV sector due to the many possibilities it offer. When asked what he would choose for his theme tune he chose I’m all the way up, French Montana, We think that was a great shout and can imagine him strutting in to make it ‘all the way up’ to the top of the leader board at the final.


Mark Scott McAdams – Mark is also a studying in HV and currently works for Fife council on their refuse vehicles. He is no stranger to the competition making it to physical quarter finals in the past.

He was Nominated by his Tutor at Fife College who knew he had what it takes to get this far. Mark Says the competition is a good challenge and he is looking forward to physically competing. Good Luck Mark.
IMI Skills Competitions 2022

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