Is your child in Year 11? Have they just finished school and have they got their next steps planned?

It can be difficult knowing if your child stay at school to study, should they go to college or should they try and gain an apprenticeship?

There is no right or wrong answer, it really is about deciding what is best for your child and what their aspirations are for the future.

As a parent, guardian or carer, you will pay an integral part in guiding your young person as they take the next step.

Perceptions of apprenticeships as entry-level, low-quality, non-academic courses could not be further from the reality. While earning a wage, apprentices can gain hands-on-experience in a professional environment, whilst gaining recognised qualifications and learning highly valuable transferable skills.

We have a fantastic guide available here which tells you about the industry, the different routes available, how to find an apprenticeship opportunity and how to apply.


Why an apprenticeship could be a better option than university?

With the cost of rising cost of tuition the option of going to university for higher education may not be the right choice for everyone and a degree may not necessarily be the requirement for many employers where experience and work-based skills are of more value. In today’s competitive marketplace, developing the right skills can help your son or daughter to get ahead and stay ahead. An apprenticeship is a fantastic start to a young person’s career. More importantly, there are no expensive tuition fees or years of lessons.

Still not sure which way to turn, there is a great resource pack available on Amazing Apprenticeships and also a parents and guardians factsheet from the government website

You can also contact the careers team on 01992 511521 or email for impartial advice and support.

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