It is stories like this one from James, that reminds us the work they do at Nacro can really make a difference…

Just a couple of years ago, Nacro Newcastle learner James was struggling to find the right direction – he was involved in drugs, had trouble with the police and his future was uncertain. From a young age, James was starting to skip school and mix with the wrong crowds, until he was taken into foster care. After being referred to Nacro Newcastle, he has since turned his life around.

James has been nominated for Gateshead in care achievement for most improved commitment to education, training, and wellbeing.

Speaking about how he adjusted to the change, James said Nacro helped him get off drugs and get on the right track.

“I was really hyper – I had too much going on in my head. But Nacro stuck with me, they worked with me and helped me settle down.”

Motor Vehicle and Civils tutor, Ambassador lead Chris Stevenson said that James is a great lad and just needed the right support turning his life around. Achieved his IMI level 1motor vehicle certificate, placement and employment. Newcastle centre manager Sarah Brown added that everyone is so proud of how James applied himself and he deserves recognition for his commitment.

With Nacro and his foster carers support, James has joined a mechanics course was put forward  for work placement, through the Nacro ambassador project at a local garage.

The owner at Avondale Motors, where James was doing work experience, was so impressed with James’ commitment and attitude to learning, he offered him an apprenticeship. James will still continue his study at Nacro, to gain his Maths, English and Mechanics qualifications while working at the garage.

James and his foster carer Val credit Nacro for being the positive change in his life.

“I would encourage anyone who has had the same life as me to come to Nacro. I would tell everyone I used to hang out with to come. It’s been really good for me and Nacro has helped me a lot.”

More info please contact Newcastle Nacro or Newcastle Nacro Ambassador Project Nacro


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