We all know the past year has been like no other we have experienced and hopefully wont again in our life time!

This article looks at the positives you can take from the last year.

A number of surveys have been completed since lockdown began and one of the most positive outcomes discussed is the strengthening of existing household relationships. People have enjoyed spending more time together, doing activities together, trying new things and having more conversations.

Living life at a different pace

We hear a lot about work/life balance, this is something that has improved over the lockdown period, with no commute to work, no hectic rushing around and no external commitments. As we gear up to going back into the office it’s important to identify what you have gained from this lockdown and which aspects you want to continue and embed in your day to day routine.

New life Skills

Weather you have continued to work, work from home or be furloughed you may have taken this time to learn new skills, it might have been learning an instrument, taking a course or baking or maybe just getting out more and walking, things that you would not have achieved had working life continued as normal!

Resilience and Patience

Two things we can say that we have shown and learnt over this period is patience and resilience; dealing with restrictions we have never had to before, stay at home orders and complex timelines to get us back to a “new normal” show us how much we have adapted during this time.

So yes the last year has been challenging but we can all take positives from our experiences.

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