The job market in 2020 changed significantly and a new set of desirable skills emerged under the changing circumstances for businesses.  These highly sought after skills are surprisingly all non-technical but soft or transferable skill sets. 


Communication appears in all job families, the ability to communicate especially under the new working regimes is key.  We have changed to a highly digital work place and being able to communicate in multiple ways is essential.  Face to face, over the phone, written emails and via video link are all different ways to communicate and we must master each discipline to achieve great results.  Another interesting bit of information is that Automotive specific Sales skills request were in decline in favour of more general sales skills.


Customer Service also appears in all job roles as a desirable skill.  The ability to talk to customers in a professional and enthusiastic way if you are customer facing or not is a real selling point for you.  This links nicely with communication skills too.


Self-motivation appears on all of the Top 10 desired skills across all job roles.  Call it lifelong learning, CPD (continuous professional development) or tenacity, showing you have continued to move forward and progress is essential.  We know it’s hard under the currently circumstances, unemployment, furlough and home schooling can really take its toll but by developing your resilience and showing how you have kept motivated can really be a selling point for you.  Undertake a short course, read articles or use your member benefits in Alchemy Assistant to continue your learning and show you are self-motivated even during the most difficult of times.


Nest steps

How we can help you develop these desirable skills? Our recent IMI employability week has short ‘how to’ videos on communication and soft skills

If you would like any support from the IMI Careers team then please contact us on and we will be happy to help.

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