Statistics show that 54% of all apprenticeships starts were women in 2016/17.  However, whilst the motor industry currently offers more than 150 different job roles – only 6% of Engineering apprenticeships** are filled by females. But the sector faces a brighter future with the news that more businesses are increasing their employment of women in more senior positions within the business – demonstrating that females certainly have a role to play in the motor industry.

As the professional body for the sector, the IMI is calling on all leaders across the industry to help raise awareness of the career opportunities available to women. The IMI believes that the stigma associated with what have, to date, been perceived as male-dominated industries – in particular engineering, IT and automotive – is having a profound impact on the career choices of young women.

With companies like the Automotive 30% club promoting females in the industry, we take a look at some famous females who have impacted the industry:

  • Mercedes is a recognised name in the Automotive industry but did you know it would not be here today if it was not for Bertha Benz – the wife of Carl Benz played an integral part in getting the car into production
  • Elena Ford – the great, great granddaughter of the founder Henry Ford, she joined the business in 1995 and was the first female member of the Ford family to hold the position of Vice President
  • Laura Schwab is the president of Aston Martin in the Americas. She was brought on board to launch seven cars in seven years and transform the brand’s American team and improve their relationships with dealers. Since joining the team she has made efforts to ensure more women are working in the company, with around 50% of the management staff now female.

Some other influential women:

  • Mary Anderson – invented the first windscreen wiper
  • Margaret Wilcox – invented the very first car heater
  • Suzanne Vanderbilt – She joined General Motors as a junior designer and stayed for over 23 years, during this time she patented three designs; the inflatable seat back, a safety switch for automotive panels and a motorcycle helmet design.

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So now you know that the industry is not just for men! Its time to find your dream job and become the next female influencer in the industry..  Explore the roles on IM Autocity here.

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