As you know, here at the IMI we are extremely passionate about careers in the automotive industry and we are not the only ones!

We are lucky to be supported by a number of dedicated automotive recruitment teams one of which is NEMTA – North East Motor Trade Apprenticeships, hosted by Ingenia recruitment, they focus on promoting the amazing opportunities in the retail motor industry to young people who are making the decision of what career would be right for them.

Like us, NEMTA work closely with companies within the motor trade to ensure that they not only know the benefits of apprentices, but also know where to find them. North East motor trade companies post their vacancies on the NEMTA website to advertise their local apprenticeship opportunities.

If you are a school or careers adviser based in the North East then please do reach out to the team at NEMTA who will support with careers events, school talks and even where possible workshop visits.

To visit the NEMTA website please click here.


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