Are you entering your final year at university and considering applying for a graduate programme?

There are lots of graduate schemes available but the majority have limited places and a minimum entry requirement.

Graduate schemes generally last for one year and see the graduate rotate around different business areas to gain overall knowledge of the company.

Most schemes have application deadlines between November and December for programmes starting the following year – The golden rule – Apply early, ideally during the first term of your final year!


What are the advantages of joining a graduate scheme?

Graduate schemes enable you to settle into a professional work environment quickly, receive relevant skills development and hands on experience.

They offer a great level of support when starting your career, you will be assigned a mentor to support you and talk through any problems.

It provides you with advanced learning is a specialised discipline and usually leads to a permanent position at the end of the programme.


Where to find more information?

There is an amazing amount of support and resources available for those considering a graduate scheme. Our IMI website offers more information and options for Automotive graduates  as well as links to individual manufacturers schemes. You can also find some great articles and support on target jobs, save the student and prospects.






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