There has been a lot of focus around mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic, but these are not issues that only face us during hard times, they can be everyday occurrences.

So how can we stay positive, Have an open mind set? Keep thinking of that glass as half full?

There are so many articles, self- help books and inspirational videos out there, it can get overwhelming!

I think the top tip I have taken from my time in “lock down” is to be grateful – Gratitude is all about appreciating what you have instead of trying to reach for something new to make you happier. Research has shown that the feeling of gratitude increases your mental strength and boosts levels of the hormone DHEA, which in turn slows the ageing process, improves performance and bolsters the immune system!

Just recently I came across TEDs 10 days of positive thinking,  This is a fun and uplifting challenge to watch one “life positive” TED talk every day for 10 days. I found this to be a nice positive way to start the day!

If you are starting to feel down, it is important to take action! When it comes to your emotions it can sometimes be hard to recognise or to admit that we are not feeling 100%.

If you are 16 or over, take this short questionnaire to:

  • Help you better understand how you’ve been feeling over the last fortnight
  • Point you in the right direction for helpful advice and information

Don’t forget as an automotive professional you also get access to a wonderful charity called Ben. Ben is a not-for-profit organisation that partners with the automotive industry to provide support for life to its people and their families. Yes, that’s right… Ben offers lifelong support to you and your family, even when you leave the industry. To find out more visit BEN.

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