There are a number of different sites that can be used for professional networking, by far the most popular in the UK is LinkedIn. Where you use Facebook and Instagram for social networking, LinkedIn is used for professional and career networking.

In today’s modern world, it is advisable to have a managed online presence that reflects who you are and what you are looking to do.

Put the time in! Simply put the more complete your profile is, the better odds you have that recruiters will find you. You should populate your LinkedIn profile as much as you can. It should pretty much be your CV. Copy and paste the information from your CV into your LinkedIn profile.

Recruiters use keywords to search LinkedIn for potential candidates. Make sure you have the relevant keywords in your profile.

If you need some word-smithing or just excellent words. There are a number of websites with lists of words to make your CV and online profiles really stand out, I have included a few links below to some of these:

185 Powerful Action Verbs

139 Action Verbs to make your CV stand out

Make your CV strong by using the right words

Different recruiters have different opinions on which words are great and which aren’t. Here is an article from Glassdoor on ‘21 words never to use”.

Choose a great Photo, make sure it is clear, friendly and appropriate.

Have your contact details clearly visible in your summary section. If a recruiter is not connected to you, they may not have a way to get in touch.

Still not sure – there are also some great articles from LinkedIn themselves for example; 20 tips to improve your profile and how to create a good linked in profile.


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