Fantastic news – you have secured an interview – What now!?

Depending how the organisation works will depend how you get invited to attend interview, you may be invited through an agency or directly from the organisation. You may receive a phone call, email or letter to invite you to interview. If you receive a phone call or email make sure you respond professionally and promptly accepting or declining the interview and always make sure you thank them for the invite. Re-confirm the date, time and venue for the interview to take place.

What type of interview is it?

An interview can be carried out face-to-face, conducted over the telephone or via a video call. Most jobs will require a face-to-face interview before an offer is made, but this may be in addition to earlier stage interviews.
People can make the common mistake of thinking that the interview is less formal when it takes place on the phone, but it’s important that you treat it in the exact same way that you would a face-to-face interview. Dress smart, keep it professional, and make sure you’re fully prepared.

Smile! You can hear the difference on the phone.

The same goes for video interviews; Make sure your username is professional on the software you are using.

Know how to use the software for the interview, be that zoom, skype, google hangouts or GoToMeeting. Ask which one they will be using. Test the technology and connections before the interview.

Think about your background – clean and tidy, neutral colours and remove any personal items that you don’t want the interviewer to see.

Lighting – Adding a bit of extra lighting can make you look and feel great. Think about having two light sources on either side of you. Soft, natural lighting is best.

Look straight at the camera, this will appear that you are making eye contact

Make sure you remove distractions – Wife, husband, children and pets! Reduce the risks of having delivery drivers knocking repeatedly on your door!

Remember – For all interviews, you as the potential employee will need to be prepared to show you are the best candidate for the job as the employer will want to make sure he/she employs the right person, someone who can contribute the most to the organisation.

Plan and prepare or prepare to fail

Research the role, company’s profile and background. Start by looking into their future goals and plans.

Conducting the interview with this in mind will make you seem like a good long-term investment. You should also be ready to talk in depth about the industry, the organisation, and the position you are applying for.

Think of questions to ask your interviewer. Participating actively during the interview gives a good impression of your level of interest in the job. It’s a good idea to come prepared with at least three thought provoking questions to ask your interviewer. It’s important you know the name(s) of those that will be conducting the interview.

Practice with a peer. If you have a friend who is also preparing for an interview, consider preparing together. Not only will this give you a way to structure your preparation, but it will also help you get comfortable with giving answers, telling anecdotes, and using appropriate terminology.

Anticipate questions from the interviewer. It’s best to prepare for a wide variety of questions by thinking about your own career goals, long-term plans, past successes, and work strengths, but you should also brace yourself for the deceptively simple questions that most employers like to throw at their interviewees.

Prepare your outfit for the interview. As a rule of thumb, you should dress for the interview the way you would for the job itself. Choose subdued colours (blues, browns, greys, black) and make sure that your clothes are lint- and wrinkle-free. Avoid too much perfume, after-shave, or scented lotion.

Show up in the best possible shape. Make sure you know exactly how to get there (do a practice run) and just where to park so that you can arrive 15 to 20 minutes before the scheduled interview time. Go to bed early the day (or the days) before the interview so that you look rested and healthy on the big day.

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