As a student it can often be a confusing time when you are being asked to make a choice on what you want to do next. School doesn’t last forever and there can be a lot of pressure and not so much information to assist you in the next steps. So we have put together the 5 top reasons we think a retail automotive Apprenticeship could suit you!

If you have an interest in vehicles, sales, business, engineering, art or technology make sure you look into a role in the automotive industry. With a wide range of courses you may find something you never thought of before. To explore careers click HERE and then read on to find out how studying via an apprenticeship could be the best choice you ever made.


Apprenticeship aren’t for people with bad grades.

Most apprenticeship are going to be more hands on and lean more towards those with more vocational skills however that doesn’t mean that STEM grades aren’t important. Apprenticeship courses with well-known companies will still require you to have some of these qualifications. On the flip side of this if you do not have a required qualification there a functional skills course you can take whilst you are completing your apprenticeship so you won’t be held back. There are options and support which is a great reason to take an apprenticeship if you ask me.


You can earn while you learn.

Apprentices earn the same way that other employees do, the minimum apprenticeship wage is £3.70 per hour, but many apprentices can earn significantly more. The average weekly wage is around £170. This may seem low but remember you aren’t yet fully qualified, and as you grow in experience, your pay will increase. Also if you were doing a degree you would be paying to learn. (Just imagine if you were paid to go to school! It’s a win win)


You are more likely to have a job at the end of it.

An apprenticeship is not only a way of learning but is also your chance to impress your employer. If you are a hard worker and you know the business well the chances of staying on in a full time position in a company are higher. Let’s face it they have invested time and money into training you so they are already invested. Stats from 2018/2019 show 90% of apprenticeships will lead to a job or further learning with 72% of apprentices finding sustained employment. Now it’s not a guarantee but would like to stake my chances with those kind of statics.


You are learning from other experience

Your apprenticeship would have been designed by professional in the industry and incorporate the things that they believe are the most important skills needed to succeed. Your manager will come with a wealth of knowledge and experience and you will also attend college for a set amount of days, providing extra training this could give you some new knowledge that could help you develop the business you work in.


Build your contacts

One thing about starting to find work is knowing where to start and who to approach, by starting an apprenticeship you are already working in a place where you will meet people and the other businesses you commonly work with. Naturally in a most of this industry you will come in to contact with many people and building working relationships is a great skill to gain. This can benefit you in many ways from asking the right people to advice, mentoring or even for future job interviews.



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