So you’ve finished your GCSE’s and you’re not sure about your next steps yet….first things first ‘do you want to stay on at school?’  If it’s a not then ask yourself ‘do you want to carry on in learning full time or am I ready to join the workplace and earn a wage?’  Your answers to these simple two questions reveal a lot about your next steps after school.  Remember there are no wrong answers and it’s all personal to you!

  • If you said you wanted to stay on at school then great, your option is to stay on at 6th Form and get you’re a Levels, we will leave it up to the school to fill you in on this option.
  • If you said no to the first question and think you’re not quite ready to start working then full-time college is for you.
  • If you said you didn’t want to stay at school and you feel ready to start in the workplace and earn a wage then an Apprenticeship is just what you’re looking for.



There are over 150 different job roles available in the Retail Automotive industry so there really is something for everyone.  You may have a passion for Motorbikes, Trucks or Cars that you can tap into or it may be that you focus on the skills you have already.  For example, if you’re a great problem solver and you enjoy being practical then becoming a Technician would suit you, if you enjoy being social and helping people then leasing and renting or reception may be an option for you.  Whatever skills you have you can apply them to #MotorCareers.  Take a look around the different jobs roles available and watch the videos of real people talking about their days http://www.autocity.org.uk/index.php/explore-job-roles/



Now you’ve got an idea about what the end goal is let’s make sure you know how to get there.  If it’s a qualification you’re looking for then search for them here http://awarding.theimi.org.uk/qualifications/knowledge

If you are ready to join the workplace and earn a wage the let’s get you started with an Apprenticeship.  This is when you either go to work for 4 days a week and go to training for one day a week (day release) or you go to work for 3 months and then go to a training centre for 1 or 2 weeks at a time (block release) the result will be the same.  You will be qualified and ready to start in your job role whilst you also earn money at the same time.  You will be working on real-life problems and skills whilst under the careful supervision of trained individuals supporting you through.  To find an apprenticeship start your search here http://www.autocity.org.uk/index.php/find-a-job-apprenticeship/



Take a look at the job roles available here or search for your Apprenticeship here if you feel you need more info then just get in touch with us here

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