The Skills Show in 2017 saw over 73,000 visitors walk through the doors of the NEC.

There was a total of 55 competitions and 522 competitors, over 1,200 exhibitors, with over 1,500 sponsors who support the event and 27 industry partners with the Institute of the Motor Industry proudly being one of these.

The Skill Auto competitors are pushed out of their comfort zones, their skills set is tested for 2 consecutive days, by Friday afternoon, the competition is complete. The relief on the competitors faces is clearly visible! The Saturday at the Skills Show is a day without the competition pressure and it gives the competitors a chance to express their creative side in their skill area.

Our Skill Auto Refinishing competitors have the chance to spray their own bonnets at the Skills Show. Each competitor is provided with a blank bonnet where they can then put their ideas into reality.

The 2017 winner was Cory Maher for Cardiff and Vale College – well done Cory! Our Lead Judge Richard Hutchins kindly presented the prize to Cory which is kindly donated by Morelli Group.


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