Buying a car can be a stressful process, particularly if you are in desperate of a vehicle to replace another, however, it is a process that should not be rushed. There are a number of important elements for you to look out for when buying a second-hand car, that could all lead to you spending more if they were missed. Whether you are choosing from a selection of Nissan used cars or you are purchasing from a private seller we will be giving you some insight into some of the key elements to look for when buying a used car.

Check The Vehicle History                                                                                   

One of the first things you should do when looking at a car to buy second hand is to check the history of the car. Whether this is a private history check for £20 or a free check with the DVLA, this will help you to see the past owners as well as any valuable information that you may need to know, such as if it has been in a serious accident or if the previous owner has any outstanding debt. Though this is not always the case with every car, this may be worth looking into to avoid any potential hidden charges.

What Is The Value Of The Car?

Before buying the car, it is important to look at the value of other models from the exact same year with similar mileage, this will, therefore, allow you to determine whether or not you are being overcharged by the seller. Whether this is a dealership selling used cars or a private seller, there is still a possibility that you can be overcharged, therefore having a figure in mind can help you to haggle should you need to.

Don’t Forget Tyre Checks

Another key factor when buying a car second hand is to check the tyres. If the tyres have less than a 1.6mm tread in a continuous band then the car could be due one soon. This is an additional expense that you may not be able to afford and therefore it is something to be considered. In addition to this, it is important to look out for anything that could be lodged in the wall of the tyre as this can cause a slow puncture over time. By checking the tyres beforehand, you can then set about preventing additional expenses, allowing you to drive away with a car that is fit for purpose.

What Is The Mileage?

In addition to checking the tyres, it is also important to look at the mileage that the car currently has as this could be an indication of general wear and tear on the engine. If the engine is not regularly serviced with high mileage, this can lead to key components such as the cambelt to snap and cause additional damage to the engine. If you are looking to keep the car for a significant number of years, then the lower the mileage the better.

Are There Any Issues With The Electrics?

The final key factor in buying a car second hand is checking the electrics. Have a walk around the car and ensure that the brake lights, headlights and indicators are all in working order and check the electrics on the inside. If you find some issues with the internal electrics it is important to look at the fuse box as well as the wiring. If any is exposed or there is a sign of water damage to the interior, this could be a sign of further water damage which would be expensive to resolve and therefore should be avoided.


Author – James Wood

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