Over the last decade or so it seems that everyone has been more focused than ever in getting students off to university while apprenticeships, including those in the retail automotive industry, have been under-appreciated.

In fact, an apprenticeship is a perfect way to get onto the career ladder of your choice while still learning, you will get specific training to help you learn all about the industry and particular job role you have chosen.

Here are some of the amazing reasons to opt for an apprenticeship:

  • Earn while you learn – you will be paid to study, rather than the other way around resulting in no student debt
  • Get ahead – begin following a career path while others remain in education
  • Learn new skills – work alongside professionals every day and you will also learn skills that are not taught in the classroom
  • Network – the people you meet on your apprenticeship (other apprentices, colleagues, managers, and tutors) are all useful future contacts
  • Employability – you will achieve a qualification/apprenticeship certificate and team it with experience, turning you into a valuable employee
  • No tuition fees – on a Framework if you are under 19 all of your training will be paid for, if you are on a Standard you can be any age and it will be completely free for your employer


For more information on automotive apprenticeships and how/where to apply take a look at: http://www.autocity.org.uk/index.php/find-a-job-apprenticeship/

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