What is an Apprenticeship Standard? 

The new Apprenticeship Standards (England only) have been developed by employer groups in the industry to show what an apprentice will be doing in their job role and the skills that will be required of them.  The government have introduced the Apprenticeship Standards to give students more choice as well as giving employers an increased input into their future workforce.  Typically an Apprenticeship Standard will focus on a number of gateways and an end-point assessment with an approved assessment organisation. See here for more information on the new Apprenticeship Standards.


Whats the difference between a Framework and a Standard? 

How is the landscape changing? 

Chris Cotterill explains how the Levy and apprenticeship landscape is changing.


What steps do I need to take to get an Apprentice on a Standard? 

Below is a simple 7 step guide to success with the new Apprenticeship Standards.


Why choose an IMI Apprenticeship Standard?

With the IMI your learner, the training provider and you the employer will all benefit from the following:

Learneradvice, support & membership

  • Expert advice and support from the industries Professional Body
  • Free IMI Student Membership for the duration of your apprenticeship
  • Technical and soft skills support materials to help you through your apprenticeship
  • Dedicated online platform to learn and record your progress
  • 12 months free IMI Membership on successful completion of your end point assessment with the IMI

Employerresources, advice & membership

  • Online resources to support and mentor your apprentice
  • Online platform to record evidence and progress
  • Expert advice and support from the industries Professional Body
  • Your apprentice will be part of IMI Student Membership for the duration of their learning
  • On successful completion of their End Point Assessment your apprentice will become part of the IMI Professional Register as an IMI member free of charge for 12 months

Centreresources, tools & support

  • Behavioural Assessment Tool to understand and plan additional training requirements
  • Online platform to record evidence and progress
  • Expert advice and support from the industries Professional Body


The return on investment in Apprenticeships 

The IMI worked with a variety of businesses across the UK involving 30 apprentices to discover the actual return on investment of automotive apprenticeships.

The independently verified research results speak for themselves:

  • apprentices typically generate an ROI between 150% and 300%
  • apprentices typically generate profit within 18-24 months, and often within 12 months
  • home grown apprentice-trained technicians invariably outperform market-recruited technicians
  • ‘growing your own’ technicians through apprenticeships reduces long-term recruitment and training costs
  • apprentices learn company best practice and culture from the start and do not need ‘reprogramming’

Calculate your ROI here:  https://www.theimi.org.uk/graph 


Next steps

Find out more information here… https://www.theimi.org.uk/landing/apprentice/

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