It is a fact that many recruiters take a peek at their candidates’ social media profiles – how does yours look to a prospective employer?

If you are looking to be taken seriously in the job market you may need to give your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile a bit of a tidy up before you begin.

Employers are highly likely to look at your social media presence prior to issuing a job offer or even the opportunity of an interview and even if your privacy settings for what you publish are on lock down don’t forget that you could have been tagged in something by a friend that you’d rather keep to yourselves.


  • Use good grammar and spelling but definitely no swearing.
  • Make sure your photos show you as a well-rounded individual.  Feel free to demonstrate your hobbies and activities but try to avoid too many selfies or images of you partying til dawn.
  • Keep your posts positive wherever possible and never publicly bad mouth your peers, teachers or employers.
  • Be aware that any strong political opinions are best not shared on social media.

Going forward try to think about only using social media as it’s meant to be – fun, accessible and for connecting with/keeping in touch with family, friends and possibly your future colleagues.

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