The motor industry has always been a dynamic place to work but we are probably at its most interesting stage so far.

Ben Stockton* explains the huge changes …

“Just look at all the interesting new technology we have, plus all the technology which is just over the horizon. We’ve got 7-seater electric cars with ranges exceeding 335 miles and a 0-100km/h in under 2.6 seconds!  When I first entered the industry, the fastest supercar did a 0-100 km/h in 3.2 (McLaren F1) and we’ve now got a full electric family saloon smashing that!”

“Now if that doesn’t highlight the technological advancements entering this industry at a breath-taking rate, nothing does.  Not only that, we’ve got driving aids today which can enable a car to statistically drive in a safer manner than its owner – it’s only a matter of time when true autonomous driving is going to become the norm.  After all, we’ve got the likes of Apple and Google appearing to be looking at entering the industry and we’ve got ride sharing apps which have the potential to change the whole notion of car ownership.”

“Now is very much the time for change and 2018 is a great choice of timing for entering the motor industry as you really are the future. It is you, no matter what discipline you decide to follow, who’s going to have to adapt and accommodate these rapid step changes we’re experiencing now and into the future. It’s you who’s going to make it all happen.”

“I believe your future is going to be dependent upon your ability to adapt. Some say, Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher once said, “Change is the only constant in life”. I don’t know if he did or not as I’m not that old, but what I do believe, is that whoever said that was definitely onto something.”

“So, the key to your success is in your ability to adapt rapidly. The future isn’t going to wait for you or your peers, and the quicker you can learn new things and adapt, the more successful you’re going to be in this wonderfully exciting motor industry. So, now’s the time for me to wish you the best of luck (you make your own luck by the way), urge you to study hard, keep asking questions no matter how intelligent or stupid you think they are, and most importantly, make sure you enjoy whatever it is your doing.”

If you are looking to enter the automotive sector why not check out your options and download our guide for your parents.

*Ben started an apprenticeship at a BMW dealership when he was 17, followed that with a spell as an F1 mechanic and now runs his own internet based technical training company,


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