#MotorCareers in Leasing & Renting

Many organisations and individuals lease or rent vehicles, either as a one-off or on short or long term contracts. Find out how this part of the industry looks after their customers and promote their business.

Did you know … ?

  • Vehicle leasing and renting is using a vehicle for a fixed period of time for an agreed amount of money
  • It’s great for people who don’t have enough money to purchase a vehicle outright or for people who just want a vehicle for a certain amount of time
  • Companies use leased vehicles as company cars or if their employee needs to use a vehicle to get them somewhere for a meeting
  • Some people also hire cars when they are on holiday

  • Rental Receptionist

    What is the job role?

    Rental receptionists are also known as rental/reservation agents. They are at the front line of vehicle rental agencies and are responsible for dealing with any queries about vehicle rental and leasing. They deal with customers face to face, over the phone or via e-mail and fax.

    You will be Dealing with enquiries about the types of vehicles available and rental charges that apply, Checking availability of vehicles and taking booking details, Preparing the necessary paperwork and managing payments, Arranging vehicle delivery, Recording details on the computer booking system and Keeping records of vehicle mileage, checking for damage and booking vehicles in to be cleaned.


    You may be required to have some training in both business and administration, or customer services

    Level 2 in Customer Service for the Automotive Industry.


    Working hours and salary

    Rental receptionists usually work between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, and you may be required to work some weekends. Part time work may also be available.

    New rental receptionists £10,000

    Experienced rental receptionists £12,000-£15,000

    Senior receptionists £18,000+

    There may be opportunities for overtime pay depending on your employer. You may also be eligible for holiday entitlement, company pension and private healthcare schemes.

    Career Progression

    Administration, Warranty Administration, Customer Service Advisor, Technical Support earning an average of £25,000.

  • Administration

    What is the job role?

    General administrators will support the general manager/dealer principal, the sales department, the service department and/or the parts department, in performing routine administrative functions such as drafting correspondence, scheduling appointments, providing information to customers and maintaining electronic and other files.

    You will be Greeting visitors and handling their enquiries, Organising meetings and making travel arrangements for office personnel, Opening, reading and distributing incoming mail, Setting up and maintaining paper and electronic filing systems for records purposes, Assisting the general manager/dealer principal in additional assigned duties and Maintaining sales and performance records.


    There are no formal qualifications or entry routes specified for this role, however, employers may look for GCSEs/Standard Grades in English, Maths and IT or relevant equivalents.

    Skills needed are in IT, Organisation, Written, Verbal communication, understanding of customer service.

    Level 2 in Customer Service for the Automotive Industry.


    Working hours and salary

    You will normally work approximately 37 hours a week or you may be able to get part time work which is usually about 16 hours per week, Monday to Friday. You will be office based.

    Administrators £10,000-£16,000

    Experienced administrators £17,000+

    There may be opportunities for shift and overtime pay depending on your employer. You may also be eligible for holiday entitlement, company pension and private healthcare schemes.

    Career Progression

    Accounts Staff, Fleet Controller earning £23,000 and progressing with experience to fleet manager earning anywhere between £27,000 to £40,000.

  • Technical Support

    What is the job role?

    Technical support staff are responsible for helping customers and other members of staff with technical information regarding vehicles and leasing. You will be Operating the telephone switchboard, answering and transferring calls to the appropriate people and taking messages, Documenting customers who visit the dealership, Performing general administrative duties, Liaising with manufacturers and Depending on the size of the organisation you may be accompanied by another technical support assistant.


    There are no formal qualifications or entry routes applicable to this role. An understanding of the organisation is needed in order for you to be able to direct calls efficiently. Some knowledge of the automotive sector would be advantageous but employers will look for someone who is approachable and friendly with a professional manner.

    Level 2 in Customer Service for the Automotive Industry.


    Working hours and salary

    You may work approximately 37 hours a week, Monday to Friday or you may consider part time opportunities. Some employers may require you to work Saturdays depending on the opening times of the organisation. You will be desk based at the front of the business, ready to meet and greet customers.

    Career Progression

    Fleet Controller up to Fleet Manager earning £23,000 to £40,000.

  • Sales Manager

    What is the job role?

    Vehicle Sales Managers are responsible for organising a team of sales people and devising strategies for the team to use to maximise sales and customer loyalty. Duties may vary from employer to employer but they will commonly include:

    You will be Recruiting and training a team of Sales Representatives, Devising a marketing plan and setting sales targets for the team, Monitoring the work of the team and encouraging them to meet their set targets, Advising the team on any problems identified and keeping them motivated, Setting up incentives and bonus schemes, Compiling and analysing sales figures, Collecting customer feedback and compiling market research information and Organising sales conferences to introduce new products to the sales advisor.


    As a Sales Manager you will need to demonstrate excellent communication skills both written and verbal, good organisational skills, have the ability to work calmly under pressure and be able to prioritise workloads. You should also have a good understanding of accounts and report writing and have leadership and management skills, ambition, self-motivation and bundles of enthusiasm.

    Employers will usually expect you to be qualified to a level 3 or above for this role, ideally in automotive sales, although employers may accept a generic sales background. Employers may also look for management and leadership qualifications.

    Working hours and salary

    Vehicle sales managers will usually work around 40 hours per week, which will include some evening and weekend work to cover the busiest trading times. You will be largely office based however you will also be in the showroom and out on the forecourt when dealing with clients.

    Sales Managers £35,000 upwards however you are also likely to receive commission on vehicles sold and additional bonuses upon meeting department targets. You may also receive a company car from your employer.

    Career Progression

    Sales Managers sometimes move across to the role of Aftersales Manager earning £26,000 to £33,000 or move up to become a Dealer Principal earning over £100,000.

  • Fleet Manager

    What is the job role?

    Fleet managers are responsible for the efficient running of an organisation’s fleet of vehicles, dealing with the day to day operation of the fleet. You will be managing contracts and developing new business, scheduling service and repair programmes, Finding cost effective sources of new vehicles and Co-ordinating and replacing existing vehicles.


    As a Fleet Manager you will need to demonstrate strong organisational skills, good IT skills, and excellent negotiating skills. Fleet Managers must also have the ability to lead a team.

    In order to move into fleet management you would normally need some managerial experience and previous experience in fleet, logistics, vehicle leasing or administration would be an advantage.

    Although there are no specific qualifications for entry to a fleet management position, you may consider studying for qualifications that will help you in your career, for example, automotive specific management courses or administration and business courses.

    Level 4 in Automotive Management


    Working hours and salary

    You would normally work 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday however you may be expected to do occasional late or weekend work around busier periods or to suit a customer’s needs. You would be mainly office based but have the opportunity of visiting garages and attending vehicle launches when necessary.

    Trainee Fleet Managers £18,000 to £21,000 per year

    Experienced Fleet Managers £25,000 to £45,000

    Senior level Fleet Managers £45,000+

    Career Progression

    Fleet Managers sometimes move across to the role of Aftersales Manager or move up to become a Dealer Principal with potential earnings over £100,000.

  • Marketing Manager

    What is the job role?

    Marketing plays an important role in almost every industry and Marketing Managers for the automotive industry focus on ensuring that the customers’ needs are met whilst maximising the profits of the organisation.

    You will be Monitoring and analysing market trends, Studying competitors’ products and services, Exploring ways of improving existing products and services, Focussing on increasing profitability by preparing and managing marketing plans and budgets, Presenting findings and suggestions to company directors or other senior managers, Supporting and managing the marketing team and Attending trade shows, conferences and sales meetings.

    Marketing is a multi-disciplinary profession that is likely to include aspects of direct marketing, research, public relations, branding and communications. It involves working alongside a wide range of people within the marketing team, in addition to supporting other teams within the dealership.


    Marketing Managers quite often progress into this role from similar roles in other industries or a more junior marketing role in automotive. Employers would look for a track record in marketing and for evidence of successful campaigns. It may also be possible to transfer skills gained in Sales to a career in Marketing. In addition to a solid academic background, employers are also likely to look for business or media based qualifications.

    As a Marketing Manager you will need to demonstrate a wide knowledge of marketing techniques and concepts and an understanding of business awareness. You would also need to be proactive and have excellent communication skills, good organisation skills and the ability to work within a budget. The ability to work well under pressure is also key to this role and as with many management positions be able to work well with others and be able to motivate a team.

    Working hours and salary

    Most Marketing Managers will work 9am to 5pm but you may be required to work additional hours to meet targets and deadlines during busy periods. You will find yourself mainly office based and attending meetings when required however some travel may be necessary, especially if the company you work for is international.
    New Marketing Managers £25,000 and £30,000

    Experienced Marketing Manager £ 30,000 to £40,000+

    LCII qualification in Marketing

    Career Progression

    Working environments include: Fast Fit, Light Vehicle, Dealership, Independent, Heavy Vehicle, Leasing and Renting, Parts and Motorcycle. Possibility of progressing to roles such as Marketing director earning around £80,000.

  • Rental Vehicle Service Technician

    What is the job role?

    A Rental Vehicle Service Technician would service and repair vehicles such as cars, vans, motorbikes and larger vehicles such as lorries and coaches. You would be trained in all areas of vehicle mechanics & electronics from engine & exhaust systems to air conditioning and security features.

    You will be Carrying out maintenance checks according to the manufacturers guidelines, Repairing and replacing faulty parts and components, Advising customers on repairs needed, Producing time and cost estimates and Maintaining repair and service records


    You will need to be trained in vehicle maintenance and repair, depending on where your interests lie you may decide to specialise as a light vehicle, motorcycle, heavy vehicle or lift truck technician.

    As a service technician you will need to express the ability to work quickly, pay attention to detail and without supervision. You would be required to have good communication skills, be able to follow written and verbal instructions and have excellent practical skills. In addition you would need to have a reasonable level of fitness as some tasks are physically demanding and normal colour vision.

    Level 2 and 3 in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

    Light vehicle- http://awarding.theimi.org.uk/Qualifications/L2-Diploma-in-Light-Vehicle-Maintenance-and-Repair-Principles

    Heavy vehicle- http://awarding.theimi.org.uk/Qualifications/Course-Details?courseID=11

    Motorcycle- http://awarding.theimi.org.uk/Qualifications/L2-Diploma-in-Motorcycle-Maintenance-and-Repair-Principles

    Heavy vehicle trailer- http://awarding.theimi.org.uk/Qualifications/L2-Diploma-in-Vehicle-Trailer-Maintenance-and-Repair-Principles

    Lift truck- http://awarding.theimi.org.uk/Qualifications/L2-Diploma-in-Lift-Truck-Maintenance-and-Repair-Principles

    Motorsport vehicle- http://awarding.theimi.org.uk/Qualifications/L2-Diploma-in-Motorsport-Vehicle-Maintenance-and-Repair

    Working hours and salary

    You may find yourself working for a large dealership or small independent garage and most service technicians work 40 hours a week between Monday and Saturday.

    Trainee Service Technician £7,000 – £11,000 depending on your age and stage of training

    Once you are qualified £13,000 and £20,000.

    Career Progression

    Once qualified as a Service Technician you can progress your career undertaking more technical training and qualifying as a Diagnostic Technician and eventually Master Technician. Alternatively you could progress into the role of Vehicle Returns Inspector earning between £23,000 to £35,000.

  • Valeter

    What is the job role?

    Vehicle Valeters clean motor vehicles, inside and out.


    Duties will commonly include:

    • Collecting and delivering vehicles
    • Using high pressure hoses to clean vehicles
    • Steam cleaning the engine, frame and wheel arches
    • Cleaning windows, wheels, door handles and mirrors
    • Vacuuming and shampooing upholstery and carpets
    • Applying gels and polishes to surfaces
    • Painting rubber dressings on tyre walls
    • Maintaining a safe working environment and professional image
    • Depending on your employer, you may work as part of a team, or independently as a mobile valeter


    There are no formal qualifications required for this job role other than a full, clean driving licence although a genuine interest in the industry and experience in either the motor trade, industrial/office cleaning or dry cleaning may be advantageous.

    You would however need to have a methodical approach, pay attention to detail and have an understanding of safety procedures, manufacturers’ instructions and warnings for different cleaning chemicals.

    Working hours and salary

    Valeters usually work 35 hours a week, depending on the employer’s operating hours however Valeters are likely to work weekends, and work is often seasonal.

    Your salary could range from £11,000 to £20,000 depending on various factors or you could even be self-employed.

    Career Progression

    With experience you could lead a team of valeters, train people in the skills they need to become valeters themselves or run your own valeting business. Earning potential for this would depend on size of your business.

  • Vehicle Returns Inspector

    What is the job role?

    Vehicle returns inspectors are responsible for examining vehicles returned from lease, specifically identifying any excess wear or damage to the vehicle and potential costs to be added to the client’s bill. The inspection typically looks at three areas of the vehicle – the body, the interior, and the engine.

    You will be Inspecting vehicles in accordance with regulations, Notifying the fleet controller of any un-fit vehicles, Liaising with fleet companies to schedule repairs, Working with the fleet maintenance manager to ensure accuracy of reports, Determining the acceptability of, and reporting on, damage claims and Ensuring all relevant paperwork is completed


    There are no specific qualifications for the role of Vehicle Returns Inspector however as the role requires a good technical understanding most employers will expect potential employees to have some experience and one or more of the following: technical knowledge (a Level 3 automotive qualification), customer facing skills (through a franchised dealer service reception), having completed a vehicle manufacturer training course or a vehicle inspection qualification (PDI or MOT).

    You would be required to have good organisational skills and have the ability to assess the condition and life expectancy of vehicles. In addition you need to demonstrate good written and verbal communication skills, the ability to work with minimum supervision and be able to prioritise a busy workload.

    Level 3 in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

    Light Vehicle- http://awarding.theimi.org.uk/Qualifications/L3-Diploma-in-Light-Vehicle-Maintenance-and-Repair-Principles

    Heavy Vehicle- http://awarding.theimi.org.uk/Qualifications/L3-Diploma-in-Heavy-Vehicle-Maintenance-and-Repair-Principles

    Motorcycle- http://awarding.theimi.org.uk/Qualifications/IMIAL-L3-Diploma-in-Motorcycle-Maintenance-and-Repair-Principles-QCF

    Lift Truck- http://awarding.theimi.org.uk/Qualifications/L3-Diploma-in-Lift-Truck-Maintenance-and-Repair-Principles

    Motor Sport- http://awarding.theimi.org.uk/Qualifications/L3-Diploma-in-Motorsport-Vehicle-Maintenance-and-Repair

    Working hours and salary

    A Vehicle Returns Inspector would typically work 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and the work would be varied, ranging from inspecting vehicles to being office based and communicating your findings. £22,000 and £35,000 depending upon experience.

    Career Progression

    With experience you could progress to become Fleet Controller or Fleet Manager earning between £27,000 and £40,000.

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