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IMI Student Membership
IMI Student Membership

We are delighted to announce the IMI is introducing FREE IMI Student Membership for eligible* IMI learners. 


IMI Student Members will gain access to an automotive specific interactive website and a dedicated support team to progress them throughout their career in the industry.  Developed to enable us to communicate directly with IMI learners to explain the benefits of taking an IMI qualification, support them with advice and guidance throughout their qualification and through the transition into their future career, whilst demonstrating the validity of our qualifications and collecting learner destination data.



Once a learner has registered on an IMI Qualification, centres will be required to ensure each learner validates their registration and provides additional information such as address, phone number and email through an online form.  When learners have registered, log-in details will be created and sent to them so they can access the IMI Student Membership website.


IMI Student Membership has been designed to benefit and improve the learning to all involved including:


  • Access to automotive specific careers information for their future
  • The latest technical updates from the industry
  • Articles, papers and videos linked to their qualification modules
  • Discounts on tools and equipment to support their studies
  • Support with next steps into their future careers



  • Provide support material to enhance your students learning
  • Engage with the students to remain on the qualification and in the industry
  • Support your learners into a positive destination once the qualification is completed



  • Making your life easier by supporting your learners through their qualification with you
  • Providing destination data on your students who complete their qualifications and advise on how many previous students remain within the industry
  • Supporting learners into positive destinations in the event of a change of circumstances to the centre



How to register 

Step 1 Once a new learner has registered on an IMI Qualification, you simply need to provide them with the link below (sign-up will take less than 1 minute).

Step 2 Once students have signed-up, they will get a confirmation email with their log-in details so they can access the IMI Student Membership website.

Step 3 Encourage students to visit the website, where they can access careers information, technical updates, discounts and loads more!


If you have any queries on IMI Student Membership or the requirements as a centre, you can contact the IMI Student Membership and Careers Team, or call on 01992 519025

*Find out more about eligibility for IMI Student Membership


Please view the student site here


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