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Petrol Prices to Reach Record High

Petrol prices were set to reach an all-time high today, piling pressure on Chancellor George Osborne to cut fuel taxes.

The average price of a litre of petrol on Wednesday last week was 137.34p, with the AA predicting that the record high of 137.43p, achieved last May, would be passed today.

Diesel has already passed its all-time high and on Wednesday stood at an average of 144.60p a litre.  Two years ago petrol cost "just" 112.74p a litre with diesel at 113.79p.

The price of petrol has risen 1.25p a litre in the past week.  Overall, UK drivers are spending £6.81 million extra a day on fuel compared to a year ago, and £24.2 million more a day than they were two years ago.

It is now costing drivers £3.45 more than it was a year ago to fill a typical 50-litre tank with petrol, while the cost has risen £12.30 compared with two years ago.

The extra monthly cost to a family with two petrol cars, each consuming an average of 106.17 litres a month, has risen £2.66 in the last week, £14.65 in the last year and £52.24 in the last two years.

Meanwhile, a survey by the Countryside Alliance showed that the price of diesel in rural filling stations was, on average, 4p more than in urban areas.  The alliance said cars were becoming an 'unaffordable necessity' for many living in rural communities.

The costliest diesel - at 146.9p a litre was in Purbeck, Dorset and Ryedale in North Yorkshire.  In contrast, diesel in Birmingham and Dartford was 'only' 139.7p a litre.

Overall, the alliance found that diesel in rural areas averaged 144p a litre, while in urban areas the average was 140p.

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