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Rogue clampers 'made £500,000

AN ILLEGAL car clamping operation in the West Midlands which used vulnerable motorists "as a licence to print money" may have netted up to £500,000, a court has heard.

Worcester Crown Court was told that Redditch-based Midland Parking Contracts used underhand tactics and intimidated drivers into parting with up to £335 to unclamp vehicles and cancel tow-truck call-outs.

Six defendants, including the company's owner, Andrew Minshull, and his partner, Debbie Worton, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud in January, but their pleas could not previously be reported due to a court order.

Guilty pleas were also entered last month by Simon Barry, Christopher Cartwright, Faisal Qadeer and Lloyd Isherwood, who worked as front-line staff for the rogue firm.


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