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Nationwide Schools Competitions

  • Could you design, brand and launch a new vehicle onto the market for a target audience with Sytner Careers?
  • Could you write a 500 word article for a magazine on jobs in the automotive industry with the Volkswagen Apprenticeship Programme?
  • Could you design a custom paint design for a specific market with Babcock Automotive?


If the answer is yes to any of these questions then the IMI Competitions are for you! 

In teams of up to 6 you will need to work through the competition planners to get the most out of your ideas.

In the Business and Enterprise task you will work on your research, design, strategy and planning skills.  In the Literacy task you will work on your research, debating and creative writing skills and finally in the Art and Design competition you will work on your creativity and graphic skills.

The competitions will focus and improve your core skills such including teamwork, communication, leadership, employability and life Skills.  Roles within the teams include Project Manager, Marketing, Researcher, Administration, Designer, ICT coordinator and Presenter. 

Your entries need to be in before 21st July 2017 for your chance to win some fantastic prizes and day trips.

If you have any questions please get in touch with The Careers Team or 01992 511521 Good Luck everyone!



Register your School / College for Competitions Register for Competitions.docx (35.7 KB)

IMI & Sytner Business Competition Guide IMI & Sytner Business Competition (11.0 MB)

IMI & Babcock Art & Design Technology Competition Guide IMI & Babcock Art and Design Technology competition brief 2015.2016 PDF.pdf (287 KB)

IMI & Volkswagen Literacy Competition Guide IMI & VW Literacy (3.33 MB)

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