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Showcasing Automotive Work Opportunities
#MotorCareers Film Teasers
New Careers Films

Eight new film teasers have been released by IMI Careers to highlight some of the 150+ job roles in the automotive industry - from technician and parts through to sales and marketing. 

The workplaces featured include car dealerships and their training academies, heavy vehicle and motorcycle dealerships, national parts distributors, accident repair centres and vehicle leasing organisations.

The aim of the films is to give an insight into the day to day working lives of 26 young people who have joined the industry from a variety of backgrounds, in terms of both education and prior work experience. 

Some are current apprentices who have recently left school, with as little as just a few months industry experience, while others have already gained qualifications and moved a couple of rungs on the career ladder.

The full films are due for release shortly - so do look out for them coming soon!

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